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  • Core Modules

    Mental Wealth: The Sport Business Professional

    This module, as a ‘mental wealth’ initiative aims to develop a full range of skills, competences and experiences required for successful performance and practice in a range of potential careers in sport. Your personal and professional development will be fuelled by advancing your analytical, emotional, cultural, cognitive and social intelligences through taught and workshop activity. The module will fuel your potential by introducing you to a wide range of approaches (including reflective skills, self-care and empathetic alertness) and equip you with the confidence, competencies and courage to lead sport businesses.


    Sport Markets, Finance and Analytics

    This module will build your practical skills and knowledge relevant to management of sport markets, sport finance and sport data analytics, and prepare you to make data-informed decisions in complex and unpredictable markets, economic and financial climates. You will participate in practice-based applied research and evaluation projects to fully appreciate the complex and challenging environments sports organisations operate within. This module will give you an applied  understanding of professional, technical, economic and financial analysis, and how to embed them into various projects. As a result, you will be able to evidence data administration and maintenance, financial analysis and reporting analytics – integral to the success of sport organisations and areas of interest to future employers.


    Sport Venue and Event Management

    This module will develop your planning, design, and management skills of events in sport venues, and provide you with a comprehensive practice-based understanding of sport venue and events management practices. As part of this module you will apply the principles of Events Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK) and Project Management by staging a sport event in a local sport venue.  Together with module TM7000 Mental Wealth: The Sport Business Professional, this set of two modules will fuel your personal and professional development, and give you the confidence in addressing the challenges and working within the complexities associated with hosting sport events in sport venues. As a result, you will be able to evidence abilities in the following areas: leadership, problem-solving, research and evaluation, creativity, and enterprise – to enhance your employability in current and future employment.


    Sport Marketing and Sponsorship

    This module will develop your ability to critically inspect the application of principles and practices of marketing and sponsorship in a sport business context – all from an integrated marketing communications perspective.  As part of this module you will design creative and innovative sport marketing campaigns and sponsorship proposals through a live applied project brief. Your work will reveal your advanced and imaginative abilities, clearly establishing your unique and distinctive artistic qualities. Together with modules TM7000 (Mental Wealth: The Sport Business Professional) and TM7005 (Sport Venue and Event Management), this set of three modules will give you substantial understanding of the objectives of the sport marketing and sponsorship manager.  As a result, you will be able to demonstrate to current and future employers the ability, as part of a team and independently, to communicate, design and evaluate sport marketing and sponsorship activities.


    Professional Practice Internship / Work-based Development

    This module will develop sport management experience and employability skills, and prepare you for work in a sports business environment, or to advance current professional practice in sport. As part of this module you will:

    •  Engage in an internship or work-based development setting to enhance your career prospects in sport and to comprehend the business of sports.
    • Put together a portfolio that integrates reflective practice and showcases your ability to drive (and direct) a sport organisation’s strategy. 

    As a result, you will evidence an ambitious, creative and reflective approach to continued professional development and taking responsibility for fuelling your potential.

    The sports management internship and work-based development placement can be paid or unpaid/voluntary, and local, regional, national or international. The internship and work-based development should be approved by the Module Leader in Term 2 (Semester B) – before the student commences work in Term 3 (Semester C).


    Sport Management Consultancy Project

    This module will advance your research practice skills for sports management consultancy work, and prepare you to effectively replicate the role of the management consultant in the professional workplace, or for higher study. As part of this module you will have an opportunity for sustained applied research and practice in a form of consultancy project, and direct your efforts towards solving a topical issue of concern for sport management practitioners. This project will showcase your intellectual articulation in undertaking a major piece of consultancy research in an assertive, confident and proficient manner.  Together with other modules in the programme portfolio, this module will give you extensive real-world exposure to actual sport business issues that require expert intervention from you in the role of a consultant. As result, you will be able to evidence management and leadership of a live applied project and showing potential to change and influence sport business operations.




Docklands Campus

Docklands Campus, Docklands Campus, London, E16 2RD


The teaching team includes qualified academics, practitioners and industry experts as guest speakers. Full details of the academics will be provided in the student handbook and module guides.