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  • Core Modules

    Managing Strategy, Operations and Partnerships

    In this module will enable you to explore the process of creating, evaluating and developing strategy and operations. You will be introduced to the challenges and practices associated with becoming strategic leaders and how organisations manage their operations.


    Managing Financial and Human Resources for Sustainable Business Success


    The module aims to develop personal and professional skills that enhance employability and career opportunities. On the other hand, the module aims to develop your understanding and skills in people management and leadership. You will learn some key theories that underpin the latest thinking in the knowledge and skills of being an outstanding leader and manager, regardless of sector (private, public, or non-profit sector).


    Marketing in a Digital Age and Corporate Social Responsibility

    This module is designed to introduce you to contemporary principles and practices in marketing, in a customer-focused and market-oriented organisation. Relationship marketing is the recent marketing  approach that develops around the buying and consumption experience. As such the module aims to develop your in depth understanding of the strategic role of marketing in business, and its impact on the market and society in the digital age.


    Mental Wealth and Applied Research

    This module provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate the ability to diagnose and investigate a live, complex business issue from a variety of perspectives, to locate the work within the body of contemporary knowledge, to collect and analyse data, to derive supportable conclusions and to make practical and actionable recommendations for change, improvement or enhancement of current practice.


    Developing FinTech Strategy

    This module will equip you with advanced skills and knowledge to develop a fintech strategy. In this module you will learn how fintech’s are different yet similar to any organisation. The module looks at how traditional processes are automated in the era of Industry 4.0 making businesses future proof and efficient. Through the application of strategic management theories and frameworks you will critically assess and identify weaknesses, threats, opportunities posed to an organisation from mirco and macro environments. The module will also introduce you to Big Data and demonstrate how it informs future strategic directions for fintech’s. You will also learn how to recommend and critically review strategies in real-life organisations through suitability, feasibility and acceptability analysis. The module will additionally require you to stay up to date with the ever-changing Fintech industry. At the end of the module you will be prepared to not only enter but to excel within a professional workplace.


    Applied FinTech Project

    This module will help you build your practical skills and knowledge of FinTech. It consolidates skills and knowledge gained in the developing FinTech Strategy module, and other modules at level 7. As part of this module you will construct a research and development process for a FinTech startup. Your project will showcase your creative and intellectual position, clearly establishing your own identity and level of ambition.

    Optional Modules

    Industrial Placement

    The aim of this module is to enable students to undertake an unpaid work placement in a relevant employment environment to develop their employability and technical business management skills, within a real work environment to complement their current programme of study.


    Extended Work Project

    The aim of this module is to enable students to undertake two extended work projects in a third sector and/or private / public sector organisation and / or entrepreneurial organisation to develop their consulting and team working and management skills, within a real client project environment to complement their current programme of study.

  • Optional Modules

    Optional Placement Year

    You can opt to have a placement year, gaining hands on experience in your chosen field and connecting what you've learned at University to industry.




University Square Stratford and Docklands

University Square Stratford and Docklands, Docklands Campus, London, E16 2RD; USS campus - University Square Stratford


The teaching team includes qualified academics, practitioners and industry experts as guest speakers. Full details of the academics will be provided in the student handbook and module guides.