Manish Unhale

Dr Manish Unhale

Senior Lecturer in Project Management and Operations

Department of Business , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

Manish is an academic with rich theoretical and administrative experience at national and international levels. He has assumed various leadership roles and responsibilities, in a culturally diverse environment. He has extensive teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including mature students on e-learning programme. He has been in academia for 20 years specialising in Operations & SCM and Project Management. He has been a project leader to obtain APM accreditation for the MSc IBM programme. He had been a programme leader for MSc Project Management.

Areas Of Interest

Research Interests:
My primary research interests are in supply chain collaborative practices, waste management in SCM & Project Management and green manufacturing practices in SME context.

Teaching Interests:
My teaching interests are in operations and supply chain management, project management, statistics and value chain management.

Outside of academia, I am interested in travelling, gardening, cooking and yoga.