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  • Core Modules

    Critically engaging with the literature

    The aim of the module is to provide you with the academic foundations underpinning knowledge and understanding of their fields of literature. Serving as the introductory module it will introduce you to what it means to write critically at doctoral level while acknowledging that this module is the start of the doctoral journey. You will be introduced to what is meant by 'educational research' and some associated introductory ontological and epistemological debates. However the main focus will be for you to develop, as part of your induction, an understanding of the depth and breadth of literatures related to your field of investigation, how to access these literatures and how to engage with those literatures rigorously, critically and succinctly.


    Philosophy and practice of research

    This module has the following aims:

    • to introduce 'philosophy' to students and to compare it to other foundation disciplines in education studies: psychology and sociology
    • to encounter a range of philosophical perspectives on education
    • to address the foundational questions in philosophy
    • to provide a context for considering your own attitudes as to the purpose of education
    • to develop skills of critical reading and reflection.
  • Core Modules

    Research methodology – perspectives on research

    The module offers an overview of research methods in education locating them within existing debates surrounding the relationship between methods and methodology.  The principal aim of this module is to raise awareness of epistemological, methodological, ethical and reflexive issues through integration of theory, personal professional experience and research. Key epistemological concepts will be revisited as a way to underpin the relationship and integration of theory and educational research.  This module is designed engage students with their own research topic and to understand the dilemmatic nature of the research process. 


    Integrating theory, research and ethical practice – Moving towards Registration

    The aim of this final module is to equip you with the skills requisite for justifying your research topic within the context of university frameworks. This module will serve as preparation and training for the actual (real) registration, ethics and risk assessment that all researchers must embark on when carrying out research within a university.  Once you have completed (and passed) these draft documents you will then work on them for their actual submission to the university's Research Degrees Subcommittee (SRDSC) - and the university's ethics committee (UREC). You will therefore  produce these drafts as an assignment to submit by the deadline in June of your 2nd year on this professional doctorate.  Once you get feedback from this marked assignment you can immediately start to turn this assignment in to the REAL registration and ethics applications that you will then submit on 'PhD Manager' for the above committees to scrutinise.  This means that this final module provides you with an invaluable opportunity to finalise, shape, craft your original research proposal into its final variant - based on all the hard work you have put in on this first stage of your doctorate.




Stratford Campus

Stratford Campus, Water Lane, Stratford


The teaching team includes qualified academics, practitioners and industry experts as guest speakers. Full details of the academics will be provided in the student handbook and module guides.