BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy


Allied and Public Health Professions

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  • Core Modules

    Occupational Therapy: Engagement and Well-being

    This module enables you to explore the relationship between the impact of health conditions, occupational performance, and participation in daily life together with core conceptual models of occupational therapy practice, and approaches in occupational therapy practice, and the relevance of occupational science to the profession.


    Structure and Function of the Human Body

    This module provides you with an understanding of the structure and function of the human body and introduces knowledge relating to the workings of the human body and how it supports and sustains normal occupations and occupational performance throughout the Human lifespan.


    Human Health and Occupation

    In this module you will explore the multiple factors which can impact upon on health, well-being, and participation in daily life This module supports you to understand typical human development in order to lay the foundations to understand dysfunction.


    Describing Occupation, the assessment of occupational performance

    This module enables you to undertake and record a thorough, sensitive, and detailed assessment, using appropriate techniques, language and equipment to analyse occupation. This module supports the development of your verbal and written reporting skills and the importance of documentation. Through interactive and experiential learning, you will develop the necessary skills to deliver occupation-centred assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation.


    Participation in Occupation

    In this module, you will explore the different factors (social, cultural, environmental and personal) that influence participation in human occupation. You will explore the various barriers and enablers to participation that individuals encounter and the relationship between participation and health and wellbeing.


    Working with People Occupational Therapy Practice placement 1

    This module provides you with your first professional practice-based learning experience (4 weeks). It enables you to understand the role of the occupational therapist and their contribution to the multi-disciplinary team and inter-professional working

  • Core Modules

    Achieving Best Practice in Occupational Therapy

    This module enables you to evaluate evidence informed occupational therapy and builds on Year 1  learning to enhance skills for occupational therapy practice. You will continue to develop therapeutic skills, professional identity and the therapeutic use of self to support working with individuals, groups and communities across all sectors of health, social care, contemporary contexts and occupational science. You will gain a broader understanding and apply a range of professional skills and reasoning in order to enhance your person-centred practice.


    Occupational Performance, Engagement and Well-being

    This module builds upon the theoretical foundations of occupational therapy practice introduced in previous modules. You will explore how occupational therapy practice models underpin the profession's unique occupational perspective.  Through interactive and experiential learning, you will develop the necessary skills to deliver occupation-centred assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation.


    Describing Occupation - Facilitating Occupational Change

    The aim of this module is to build on your knowledge of carrying out assessments from the earlier modules. It aims to enable you to develop key skills in analysing assessments and understand how to use this information to plan intervention(s) for people with occupational needs to maintain or support increasing engagement in their chosen occupations. It also aims to enable you to be able to reason and justify the decisions you make and to document this process accurately using appropriate language.


    Research methods via apprenticeships

    The module will develop your ability to organise, analyse and interpret data so that you may draw your own conclusions and may check whether researchers' claims appear to be reasonable and/or offer a distorted representation of the evidence. You will develop an understanding of some of the questions commonly asked so that you may contribute intelligently to the collection of service-related data and be ready to modify your thinking and amend practice accordingly.


    Occupational Therapy practice placement 3 elective

    The aim of this module is to help you prepare for and undertake your second-year practice placements. You will develop further skills in working with people and will examine the contribution that a range of relevant professions and services may contribute to meet the wider needs of service users. The emphasis will be on clinical reasoning, reflective practice and the application of theory into practice. You will be able to demonstrate increased responsibility for evaluating your practice learning and professional development. 

  • Core Modules

    Transition to Professional Practice

    This module will increase your understanding of the requirements for initial and ongoing registration and prepare you for employment as an occupational therapist. It will support you to become "employment ready" through practising application and interview related skills, strengthening your occupational therapy professional identity through portfolio building and enabling you to recognise both your transferable and unique skills. 


    Effective Collaborative Practice

    This module will enable you to analyse the complexity of occupational engagement issues of groups of frequently marginalised people through critical exploration of social determinants of health and wellbeing and the concept of occupational justice.


    Practice in Context One Occupational Therapy Practice placement

    This practice-based module will provide you with an opportunity to continue your professional development in a new practice environment. The emphasis will be on clinical reasoning, reflective practice, and the application of theory into practice. You will be able to demonstrate increased responsibility for evaluating your practice learning and professional development.


    Applied Research

    This module will advance your understanding of research methodologies in the practice setting and enable you to design a research project/research proposal.  It will help you develop an understanding of organisation, analysis and interpretation of data; preparing you to assess the implications of research and evaluation for professional practice and use research in the development and advancement of professional practice e.g. audit, service evaluation, patient/client satisfaction.


    Enterprise and Innovation

    The aim of this module is to help prepare you for your working life as an autonomous practitioner within a changing health and social care landscape. You will work collaboratively in small groups with an academic mentor to co-create a credible business proposal. The module will also allow you to consolidate your reflective skills in relation to your abilities in collaboration, negotiation, planning and presentation within deadlines. 


    Practice in Context two Occupational Therapy Practice Placement

    This practice-based module will provide you with an opportunity to continue your professional development in a practice environment you encountered in PT6434. The emphasis will be on clinical reasoning, reflective practice, and the application of theory into practice. You will be able to demonstrate increased responsibility for evaluating your practice learning and professional development. 




Stratford Campus

Stratford Campus, Water Lane, Stratford


The teaching team includes qualified academics, practitioners and industry experts as guest speakers. Full details of the academics will be provided in the student handbook and module guides.