Aneta D. Tunariu

Professor Aneta Tunariu


, School of Psychology

Professor Aneta D. Tunariu is the Dean of the School of Psychology.  Psychology at UEL is a large and diverse establishment committed to excellence in pedagogical practice and the provision of psychological programmes that are relevant and meaningful for students, future employers and life - communities of today. 

Areas Of Interest

  • The Psychology of Relating
  • Integrated Psychological Interventions
  • Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology
  • Existentially informed Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Research Methods

Aneta's repertoires of talks, key notes and specialist workshops include:

The psychology of Self and Others: the Domino Effect
The psychology of Relating: the capacity to Care, the ability to Connect
Positive relationships: arriving at Optimal Relating
Stuck-ness, agency and life-hope: Resilient Future Perspectives
A return to yourself: Strengths and Strengths in Override
Relational Resilience: Flow and Compassion